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We founded Douglas Capital Partners on the principle that true success is only achieved when hard work, dedication and conviction are combined with integrity and honesty. We believe that the integration of these principles into our daily efforts accompanied by their application to the interactions we have with our tenants, clients and partners are the cornerstone for the success that we have been able to achieve to date and expect to exceed in the future.

After earning graduate degrees in both Architecture and Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois, Glenn Pavey learned that without a strong and sturdy foundation a building is unreliable. Subsequently, through hard work and dedication Glenn built his own professional foundation throughout a career that has spanned nearly 25 years with key roles in acquiring, developing, constructing and managing commercial assets in the mid-west valued at over $250 million.

Today, as co-founder and Principal of Douglas Capital Partners, Glenn leads the day to day efforts responsible for sourcing opportunities as well as engineering their acquisitions, financing and asset/property management.

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